It's finally Spring here in State College, and Graduation Season is upon us! All over campus, photographers and seniors are bustling with creative energy to capture celebratory memories in their favorite spots. We love our student community here at Penn State, and we love pushing our creative boundaries when it comes to capturing students' personalities and joys!

I met Nancy during my floor-days at Irving's -- she would always come in during my closing shifts to get a sandwich and a mocha for dinner. Through her visits, we became friends and began to hang out outside of work and get to know each other. Nancy struck me immediately as a bright and kind person who is incredibly astute and ready for life. When she contacted me about making Graduation portraits for her and her friends, I knew I wanted to create something lively and colorful for them!

Basking in the afternoon light outside the Pattee/Paterno library, where these beautiful friends spent a lot of their times.

Memories, friendship vibes.

Smiling into the future...

Perfect timing for those pale blossoms!

Nancy is such a natural at these lifestyle looks!

Moment, frozen in time...

We will continue to walk through life together.

Canon 5D Mark III, 35mm f/1.4L + VSCO Film